The Furys - Red Rose Cafe

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They come from the farms and the factories too,
And they all soon forget who they are

The cares of today are soon washed away
As they sit on a stool by the bar

The girl with green eyes in the rolling stones shirt
Doesn't look like she works on the land
The man at the end is a very good friend
     E                          A
Of a man who sells cars second hand

Down at the red rose cafe in the harbour
There by the port just outside Amsterdam
           D                           A
Everyone shares in the songs and the laughter
           E                      Am
Everyone there is so happy to be there
[Repeat chorus]
The salesmen relax with a few pints of beer
And they try not to talk about trade
The poet wont write any verses tonight
he may sing a sweet sernade
So pull up a chair and forget about life
It's a good thing to do now and then
And if you like it here I have an idea
Tomorrow lets all meet again

[Repeat chorus twice]