Smashing Pumpkins - Bodies

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      F   Am  Em  Dm  G   C   F♯  F  A  D


|F  |F |Am |Em | >4

V1- F              Am  Em   F       Am  Em       F
     Cast the pearls aside, of a simple life of need
     Come into Ammy lEmife forFever Am     Em

Pc1- Em                Dm    G        Em
         The crumbled cities stand as known
         Of the sDmites you Ghave been sEmhown
         Of the hDmurt you Gcall your Emown
         Ya know, Ya know Dm     G

C1      F  Love is SuAmicidEme >4

Pb1 -    G         F♯ F    A       D
         The empty bodies stand at rest
         GCasualtF♯ies of Ftheir Aown fDlesh
         GAfflictF♯ed bFy their AdispoDsesGsionF♯    F       A          D

Br1 -C        D       F      C
       But no bodies ever knew
     C  Nobodys  D     F
     C  No Dbodies fFelt likCe you
     C  Nobodys  D     F

Id -  Fig 1 >4
      Love is suicide >4

V2 -   F           Am    Em     F       Am  Em    F
        Now we drive the night, to the ironies of peace
        You can't Amhelp dEmeny FforeverAm    Em

Pc2 - Em           Dm   G         Em
         The tragedies reside in you
         The secret Dmsites Ghide in Emyou
         The lonely Dmnights Gdivide you in Emtwo, in two, in twoDm   G

Pb2 -    G    F♯  F        A     D
          All my blisters now revealed
         G In thF♯e daFrkness oAf my dDreams
         G In thF♯e sFpaces Ain DbetwGeenF♯ usF    A      D

Br2 -   C        D       F      C
          But no bodies ever knew
        C  Nobodys   D      F
        C  No Dbodies fFelt like Cyou
        C  NobodysD   F
        C  But no Dbodies eFver Cknew
        C  Nobodys D    F
        C  No Dbodies Ffelt like Cyou
        C  Nobodys D    F

Cadd9      F   Love is SuiciAdeE >4

Fig 1

   F                 Am   C