REM - I've been high

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C        F    Am     G
Have you seen?  Have not will travel

C        F              G
Have I missed the big reveal?

C      F   Am        G
Do my eyes,   do my eyes seem empty?

C        F                   G
I've forgotten how this feels


Dm        Am   Dm      Am
I've been high,   I've climbed so high

     Dm        Am       F           G
That light sometimes it washes over me

C         F    Am         G
Have you been?    Have done will travel

C   F             G
I fell down on my knees

C       F   Am               G
Was I wrong?   I don't know, don't answer.

C      F         G
I just needed to believe.

Repeat Chorus


Am    F           C                G
So I dive into a pool so cool and deep

           Am             F             Dm      G
that if I sink I sink and when I swim I fly so high.


C       F   Am        G
What I want, what I really want is

C        F              G
Just to live my life on high.

C      F   Am             G
And I know,   I know you want the same

C     F              G
I can see it in your eyes.

Repeat Chorus


F           G
Washes over me

Close my eyes

So I can see

F               G
Make my make believe believe in me.

C F Am G (3x)
C F C (or Csus4 instead of F)