Ketonic diet

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A reminder that carbohydrates are traditionally the most significant part of our diet - Do I feel comfortable completely changing that because of something radically different and extreme, that isn't understood very well and without proven efficacy? Source

Do I feel the ketonic diet is suitably for me? Probably not:

Ketonic diet

In this article, with ketonic diet, I mean being in ketosis: Having such a diet that my body would use the ketonic methabolic pathway (or how it's called exactly), rather than the 'normal' metabolic pathway(s). This article isn't about general low carb diets that doesn't cause my body to switch to the ketonic methabolic pathway.


Why I don't feel comfortable adopting a ketonic diet:

  • I believe the ketonic metabolic pathway is a survival mechanism, and not supposed to be used for everyday's life
  • It restricts important groups of nutrients, like vitamins
  • It advocates foods in amounts that are considered unhealthy according to what I think, is established nutritional knowledge (like the Schijf of Vijf in The Netherlands, eventhough that isn't perfect), like saturated fat and large amounts of meat
  • There doesn't seem to be any convincing proof that it works for 'normal' people, without any specific nutrition-related illnessess and without any specific atlethic needs
  • Carbohydrates are the most important nutrient according to established nutritional knowledge. Almost eliminating carbohydrates, doesn't seem like a good idea to me
  • It seems like just another dieting fad: Once fat was the culprit. Than sugar, and now it's time for last of the the tree macro nutrients: Carbohydrates. Like a variation of the Atkins Diet
  • Many of its proponents (like in YouTube videos) seem to regard it as a perfect solution. That's a major warning sign for me.


Dr. Paul Mason