Wild Colonial Boy

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 C              F              G7             C
I knew a wild colonial boy Jack Doolan was his name
                  C7                        C
Of poor but honest parents he was born in Castlemaine
   C               G7                                 C
he was his fathers favourite son, his mother hope and joy
                      F               G7            C
The pride of both his parents was the wild colonial boy

Verse 2

   C              F               G7               C
At barely sixteen years of age he left his fathers house
                   C7                             C
Bushranging to the sunny south, Australia, he set out
   C               F                G7               C
He robbed the wiry squatters, their stocks he did destroy
   C        F                 G7            C
A terror to Australia was the wild colonial boy

Verse 3

   C              F                  G7           C
In sixty one this daring youth commenced his wild career
                          C7        G7              C
With a heart that knew no danger no foeman did he fear
   C                   F                 G7                C
He held the Beechworth mail-coach up and robbed Judge MacE voy
                      F                  G7            C
Who trembled and gave up his gold to the wild colonial boy

Verse 4

   C                   F           G7          C
He bade the Judge good morning and told him to beware
                      C7          G7               C
That he'd never rob a hearty chap who acted on the square
C             C7    F             G7           C
And never you rob a mother of her son and only joy
                    F               G7            C
Or else he may turn outlaw like the wild colonial boy

Verse 5

    C                     F           G7          C
One day along the mountainside , Jack nimbly rode along
                        C7     G7                      C
Listening to the little birds, sing their merry little song
C                     C7        G7              C
Up rode three mounted troopers, Kelly Davis and Fitzroy
                      F          G7             C
And cowardly tried to capture the Wild Colonial Boy

Verse 6

C                  F              G7               C
Surrender now Jack Doolin for you see its three to one
                 C7                G7                 C
Surrender in the Queens good name, you daring highway man
C                  F                 G7               C
Jack drew a pistol from his side and waved the lively toy
                    F                    G7            C
"I'll shoot but not surrender" cried the Wild Colonial Boy"

Verse 7

C                   F                    G7         C
He fired at trooper kelly and he brought him to the ground
                   F        G7                C
And on return from Davis re ceived his mortal wound
                    F                G7          C
All tattered in his crimson gore was finished by fitzroy
                  F                G7            C
How cowardly they captured him the wild colonial boy

Chords progression: C F G7 C --> I II IV I @C